Contract Writing Workshop!

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It’s that time again! Contracts can be a tricky beast and intimidating for artists and curators, but our lectures will break down the finer details that are important to protecting the artist and their rights. The ‘Best Practices for Professional Development Workshop’ Contract Writing will cover what artists should look for in contracts for exhibitions and gallery representation.

Join OAL experienced artist Julie Abijanac and Legal Advisor Ann Hancock Saturday August 9th from 1- 3 pm at Strongwater (401 W Town St, Columbus, OH 43215) to get some insight on more of the legal aspects  and how to read the fine print of exhibition paperwork.

Sign up via the Ohio Art League Professional Workshop page, and check out other Symposium Workshops we have to offer!

Learn to Look Good on Paper at the “CV/Resume/Submissions” Workshop!

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Join Ohio Art League administrative presenters Esther Hall and Julie Abijanac for the fourth workshop of the Symposium Series, “CV/ Resume/ Submissions.” The workshop will differentiate between a resume` and a curriculum vitae (CV) and in which circumstances to use each.

Attendants are encouraged to bring laptops so that they can make updates or start their own Resumes and CVs, as they are appropriate for their goals as an artist with the help of experienced professionals.

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The “CV/ Resume/ Submission” Workshop takes place at CCAD in Columbus on Saturday July 12 from 1- 3 in the afternoon.  

Sign up here!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your marketing capabilities, make great first impressions through submissions, and to establish esteem in exhibits and throughout the community!

*Pre-registration is required.

For more information or a look at some of our other upcoming workshops, visit the Ohio Art League site!

“Ready to Hang/Framing” Workshop this Saturday!

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You can still sign up for the “Ready to Hang/Framing” Professional Workshop! Visit the Ohio Art League Professional Workshop page to pre-register for this or any of our other upcoming workshops!

It’s nearly just as important to properly display and hang your piece of art as the work itself, so discover what it means when submissions ask for ‘ready to hang.’ During this hands on workshop with presenter David Burghy, attendees will learn how to build and make their own frames. Together, the class will learn how different frames can alter artwork, so be sure to bring a piece of your own to be framed!

*Additional fees may occur dependent on presenter’s materials.


The “Ready to Hang/Framing” Workshop takes place this Saturday, June 14, from 1- 4 pm in the CCAD Grant Labs. 

Don’t miss the rest of the workshops offered in our Symposium Series, such as CV/Resume / Submissions on July 12th or Artist Contracts on August 9th!

“Ready to Hang/Framing” Professional Workshop


How an artist presents his or her work is as important as the piece itself. Sign up for the “Ready to Hang/Framing” Symposium Workshop to learn how to build and make your own frame! Attendees of the workshop will learn how different frames can alter artwork and what it means when submissions ask for ‘ready to hang’.

This hands-on workshop, presented by David Burghy, takes place Saturday June14 from 1- 4 pm at CCAD Grant Labs


*Be sure to bring one piece of artwork to frame.

*Additional fees may occur, depending on presenter’s materials. 


Fore more information or to pre-register, visit the Ohio Art League website!

Social Media Symposium Workshop


The Ohio Art League presents the second installment in the Professional Workshop series, the Social Media presentation. Join professionals Walter Herrman, Jeff Regensberger, and Donna Estep through an informative, essential seminar to marketing oneself as an esteemed artist. 

The Workshop will discuss the importance of online etiquette amongst various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blog sites, and Tumblr, to name a few. Find out which sites are the best fit for you and your brand while discovering tips and secrets to efficiency.


Be sure to pre-register via the Ohio Art League homepage, and take a look at some future workshops available to you!


The Social Media Workshop takes place Saturday May 10 from 1 – 3 pm in the large meeting room of the Greater Columbus Arts Council center.