SKYLAB’s Rapid Response Curating Workshop

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Rapid Response Curatingis a newly developed strategy in collecting and curating objects that has been adopted by the V&A Museum to reflect “the changing way fast-moving global events influence society.”

“The rapid response collecting strategy is a new strand to the V&A museum’s collections policy, which can respond very quickly to events relevant to design and technology.”

V&A has acquired Katy Perry Lashes, the first 3D-printed gun, and a pair of jeans purchased from Primark that were made near the Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which collapsed earlier this year.

In this workshop, we will be examining this new strategy, talking about the history and future of curating, and applying our knowledge of the strategy to create our own work/pieces. An exhibition of the work will be on display the following day and evening.

It will be first come, first serve with room for 15 participants.E-mail Paigeif you’re interested or have questions! The Workshop takes place from 10 am to 9 pm Fri. Oct. 17.

For more information on SKYLAB and all the innovations they’re bringing to our fine Cap City, visit their website!