Workshops: ‘Best Practices for Professional Artists’


The Ohio Art League is hosting a series of 7 workshops for best practices for artists, professional and emerging. These workshops will cover everything an artist needs to know about presenting themselves professionally. Participants will learn what it means to be ‘professional’ as an artist, how to photograph your artwork, framing and hanging of your works, what it means to be submission ready, CV and Resume writing, social media platforms and how to use them, and more!

Workshops are held the second Saturday of each month. Each month’s workshop will focus on a different subject. So you do not have to attend all, each session is individual from the others.

These workshops are very personal and hands on, along with great, passionate and educated presenters! Check out all the workshops at Ohio Art League

‘Photographing you Artwork’ / April 12th from 1:00-4:00 PM at the CCAD Photo Labs

Presenter will be Helen Hoffelt, Fine Arts Professor in Photography at CCAD

As an artist it is important to have good quality photos of your work. This workshop will cover how to document your artwork through photography. This will be a hands on lecture, where you will learn how to properly light, frame, and photograph your artwork for submissions and documentation.

*It is encouraged that you bring your own camera that you plan to use.

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