Check out the Mitchell Lippencott Exhibition at Central Park Apartments!


The Central Park Apartments have beautiful, luxury apartments located at 105 Radio City Blvd., Columbus, OH 43235.

Now through August 10th, they will be showing works by OAL member, Mitchell Lippencott.

Lobby Hours:

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 12:15pm-5pm.

About the artist:

Mitchell Lippencott is a central Ohio-based artist and landscape designer.

Although best know for his nostalgic advertising-themed sign work, the majority of Mitchell’s recent commissions have been custom furniture pieces. He co-developed the Columbus Before I Die Wall, performed metal work for the ‘Daily Chores’ public sculpture in Dublin, Ohio, and is currently constructing a large-scale public installation of his animated short film, Freddy the Fish Freaks Out. In the recent past, Mitchell worked as a Metal Sculpture and Welding Instructor, and apprenticed under tattoo master Horikei in Northern Japan.

Mitchell is a member of Cap City Creatives and the Ohio Art League.

A statement from the Artist:

“I travel. I garden. I paint. I build furniture. I’m on an endless hunt for the next big adventure, and I photograph the beauty I find along the way.

This collection represents my voyages, my vision of the world around me, and my passion for all things exciting and new. These photos are not memories – they are motivation to journey on.

I have no end in sight. Nothing I hope to find. I’m simply searching. I sincerely hope this collection allows viewers to embark on a journey of their own – to escape the debts and deadlines of everyday life. To find a holiday in the hallway.”

– Mitchell Lippencott

His exhibition will last through August 10th, and anyone interested in buying one of his pieces from this show should contact OAL at 614-299-8225 or 

To see the exhibition check out our Flickr.

Want to see more from Mitchell, where you can see the full spectrum of his amazing adventures and work?

Here you go!






Mitchell Lippencott


Widening the Solstice of the Soul – Kimberly Rhyan


Lets congratulate OAL member artist, Kimberly Colleen Rhyan on her solo exhibition “Widening the Solstice of the Soul” at Columbus State Community Library! Exhibition runs through February 28th, so check it out while you can!

Kimberly speaks about her work:

“My paintings embody many stories; each painting reverberates emotion through the exploration of relationships; my canvases continually contextualize and unveil the narrative, as it is perceived through the discovery of play. The act of painting is a metaphor for the complexities that have weaved in an out of my life, and yet, there is immense beauty somewhere between the intention and the outcome.

All throughout my life, creating art has helped me process life and progress as a human being. Ever since I was a young child, I have felt compelled to make art. My biological mother was an artist and I would sit in awe and watch her stucco everything (literally, our entire house). She was always making something out of nothing; she filled my world with her creativity, but she also caused my world to crumble when I was placed in foster care at 14.

Last year, my biological mother was diagnosed with brain cancer; we finally reconciled. As her final months and days passed, I realized that no matter the chaos, my mother was responsible for the cosmos of my artistry which inspires me to embrace life to the fullest. No matter the wounds of the past, I will always share my mother’s creative DNA. These paintings are the culmination of a year and a week of healing – to dig deep and accept that life is messy, but it is also filled with beautiful awakenings.

The creative path is explored by pressing found objects onto the canvas, either straws, credit cards, paint chips, cardboard, shaving cream lids, Legos, or marker caps; they are tools for building layers and revealing vulnerability; painting with acrylic is a process that allows emergent layers to convert into an arrangement of understanding; this all happens to be the ultimate manifestation of transformation.

During the process, I am exposing my own layers of identity as an expression of becoming more whole; this route to progress unveils inspiration to confidently capture the fullness of being known; these paintings are clothed with my determination to express life itself. Painting is a conduit to knowing and seeing; to approach the canvas is to reinvent time and overcome struggles of pugnacious resistance to widen the solstice of the soul and experience healing.”

Want to see all the paintings in this collection? Interested in acquiring one of her lovely, bright, organic artworks? Well take a look at the exhibition presentation

                                                       Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.56.17 PM       Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.56.52 PM

About Columbus State Community College:

Columbus State Community College is Central Ohio’s front door to higher education and a leader in advancing our region’s prosperity. Their mission is to educate and inspire, providing all their students with the opportunity to achieve  their goals. They value inclusion, student success, quality, innovation, learning, partnership, stewardship, and leadership.

Lea Gray Exhibition at Central Park Apartments!


The Central Park Apartments have beautiful, luxury apartments located at 105 Radio City Blvd., Columbus, OH 43235.

Until May 1st, they will be showing works by OAL member, Lea Gray.

The lobby is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 12:15pm-5pm.

Lea Gray specializes in painting, innovating Origami products, and accessory design.  She describes her art:

“Painting gives me the ability to express a vitality and rhythm that I find in the elements in nature.  The repetitious patterns, growth structures and color formations enthrall me in a way that carries my artwork beyond representation.  Focusing in landscape painting at the Columbus College of Art and Design I found a deeper attraction and fascination to nature’s visual rhythm.  Whether it is the branch development of a tree, the blossoming of a flower or even the formation of a color field in a crystal, every nuance of nature excites me.  I use this passion to create works that I hope to not only fulfill the viewer but captivate them as well.”

Her exhibition will last through May 1st, and anyone interested in buying one of her pieces should contact OAL at 614-299-8225 or as we are representing her in this matter.

To see the exhibition check out our Flickr.

Also check out Lea Gray’s Website where you can see the full spectrum of her amazing work!

Fresh A.I.R Gallery Exhibition: Finding My Way


Come see Richard Duarte Brown‘s paintings, Finding My Way, 

at Fresh A.I.R Gallery 131 North High Street.

Fresh A.I.R (Artist In Recovery) Gallery exhibits works by artists who are affected by mental illness and/or substance use disorders. They are a project of Southeast, Inc., Healthcare Services.

Duarte was born in New Jersey in 1957 and began drawing at the age of 6. He has gone on to exhibit his works mainly in mixed media at galleries and museums around the U.S and locally in Ohio. He also dedicates his skills to helping the youth in several programs from the King Arts Complex, GCAC’s Children of the future, and many more.

 The opening reception will be held on December 10th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.

The exhibition will run from this friday up until January 30th

Join Richard and Fresh A.I.R Gallery on January 30th from 4-5pm for a closing artist talk.

Support Ohio artists!

Click here for more information

See you there!

Rosalind Mercier & Nicole Strouss works in One Night Live Auction!

One Night Logo 72dpi Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.04.46 AM

Our members ROCK! Thanks to all of your handwork and support, we are able to make this organization run like a well-oiled machine– we like to think so, anyway 🙂

That being said, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Rosalind M. Mercier and Nicole Strouss and give them both electronic high-fives for donating work to our One Night Live Auction! All the works in the Live Auction, including the two displayed below, will be available for purchase the night of the event, October 10! Get your tickets here!

Nicki Strouss enjoys creating both functional and sculptural work and continues to work with local artists and various other learning institutions and teaches ceramics and yoga. Her  vessels reference figures and endless possibility. Her preferred mediums used include high fire clay, wool, paper, wax, and any number of other household implements to create a rich surface that is best experienced when held in hand. The textures and earthy colors apparent in her work illicit a response from viewers that attribute to an infinite imagination. Check out one of her works, Green Tile, that will appear in the Young Collectors Series of the Auction at One Night.


Rosalind M. Mercier is a graduate of Columbus School for Girls and The Ohio State University.  Her first career was as a union makeup artist for films & television in Hollywood, followed by the BBC in London, England.  Mercier left to pursue portraiture, following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, a well-known British portrait artist.  She specializes in both people & animals and has a painting in the private collection of Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. You can see Oncourse firsthand below!


For those of you members who have yet to submit, you’ve got until midnight Monday!!!! Deadline for submission is 11:59 pm October 6.

A Trip Back in Time

dempsey through the ropes

In honor of our “Tribute” themed approaching One Night Event we have been looking in our archives for some history to share.

In 1923 One of Ohio Art Leagues founding members, George Bellows, sold a painting of the grand boxing match between Jack Dempsy and Louis Angel Firpo entitled “Dempsey and Firpo” for $22,000! Thats the value of $200,000 today.

George Bellows was born in Columbus, Ohio on August 12, 1882. He went on to study art and become nationally known for his paintings. Bellows was amongst the 40 graduate founding members in 1909 from the Columbus Arts School which is now Columbus College of Art and Design and went to Ohio State University himself. You can find this painting today at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

You can view the famous boxing match at the link below

‘Cheep’ ‘Cheep’ Hooray! (Chicks with Balls)

OAL artist member, Judy Takacs has created some inspirational paintings. Her Chicks with Balls series takes the cake with a play on words and the inspirational stories behind the paintings and the Chicks in her work. Good Wishes are in order for her upcoming … Continue reading

Sensorial Sensibilities at the Agora Gallery, NY

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.50.09 PM

Ohio- based artist Adam Kiger comes from a long line of painters and first picked up a paintbrush when he was six, though he says he spent most of his life running from his talent. Now that he’s embraced painting and is pursuing a career in art, he wants to give back by inspiring those who see his work to seek their own personal revelation, and hopes his paintings will be a mirror to the human soul. By contrasting the familiar with the incoherent and redefining ideas of beauty and aesthetics, Kiger references both hope and denial.

The Ohio Art League is proud to announce Kiger’s collaboration with Sensorial Sensibilities, a thought-provoking exhibit on display at Chelsea’s Agora Gallery from July 5 through July 25 of this summer.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.51.53 PM

The works in Sensorial Sensibilities reflect a range of considerations, ideas and experiences, as each piece draws on the background, thoughts and memories of its creator. Thus, viewers are encouraged to engage with the deep concerns artists pour into the works in the exhibit, allowing for a dynamic dialogue between artist and gallery-goer.

The Opening Reception for Sensorial Sensibilities will take place on Thursday, the 10th of July from 6- 8 in the evening. The Agora Gallery is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm.

Support Ohio Art League member-artist Adam Kiger along with the nationally renowned all-star lineup at the acclaimed Agora Gallery in New York this summer!  For more information on this or upcoming exhibitions, visit the Agora website by clicking here!

Click to read more about Kiger and his works.

Tony Couch Five-Day Watercolor Painting Workshop



Take a little getaway this summer, while brushing up on your brushstrokes with Tony Couch’s 5-Day Watercolor Painting Workshop in Oxford, Ohio. Oxford, the quaint home of Miami University, lies about fifty minutes Northwest of Cincinnati near the Indiana border and serves as the perfect backdrop and inspiration for painters at any level. 

Tony’s exemplary experience enables him to instruct others in the art of watercolor painting. “Anyone can learn to produce good art. ANYONE! After all, it is a skill, and skill is teachable. The first thing for you to understand is YOU can DO IT! The key is GOOD instruction, and lots of practice,” says Couch.


The workshop takes place from July 14-18 2014 at the Oxford Community Arts Center. Each of the 5-day courses are from 9 am to 5 pm. The five-day fee of $450 is due in full by June 14, 2014. 

Many surrounding hotels are offering deals and discounts to those that are traveling from outside of the area, so be sure to mention “Tony Couch Fine Art Workshop” when comparing special rates via the link below. 

Whether you’re learning a new medium or merely delving back into an old steadfast, these workshops promise improvement and debunking the “mystery” of design. Each morning begins with a full sheet demonstration, instructed by Couch, followed by ample time for an afternoon painting session, in which you discover your own hidden talents. Near the cessation of each day’s workshop, critiques are offered by fellow classmates as well as the instructor, enabling you, as the artist, to see a different perspective on your own work. The positive environment allows you to grow as an artist by seeing works through the eyes of others. 


Download the full brochure for a list of hotels and a registration form here. 

To register online or to check out more about the Oxford Community Arts Center, click here!


Street Painters: Columbus Arts Festival Call For Entries


The 2014 Columbus Arts Festival will feature exciting works of Street Chalk Painting and is seeking artists to participate on June 6, 7 and 8.

Application requires:
– Online application
– A sketch of the work planned to present at the Festival
– An image of a prior work of chalk painting

The selection will depend on the images of work submitted with the online application

The work presented must fit in a 4 x 8 ft. concrete space and must be completed by Saturday evening, June 7. The works will be reviewed by a jury on Sunday, June 8, and the winner will be awarded a cash prize.

Applications must be received by Friday April 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Submission Application Here