Ohio Made Award Reception

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Tickets are still available for the Ohio Made: All-Ohio Art Festival Awards Ceremony the night preceding the festival: Friday September 26. For the 2nd Annual Ohio Made Festival, the Ohio Art League has teamed up with the Columbus Idea Foundry, the Art and Artists Of Network, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, and the Ohio History Connection to bring you a weekend that is not to be missed!

The Award Reception will be held Friday, September 26th from 6-9pm at the Ohio History Connection Center’s Red Carpet.

The Award Reception will especially recognize top entries among the notable local artists and crafters:

  • The Artistic Accomplishments in Ohio Award
  • Juror’s Choice Awards
  • People’s Choice Award in Best Art in Exhibition
  • People’s Choice Award in Best Booth Setup

Barb Vogel and Kojo Kamau are two Ohio Art League members and well accomplished, influential individuals in the arts community. Join us as we award their achievements alongside those listed above and commend their efforts as Jurors for the Ohio Made 2014 Art Exhibition. Additionally, Glass Axis’s Mike Herrick will be making this years honorary awards!

Stick around for the art raffle, in which you have a chance to win one of a kind artwork from local artists, among other prizes!

With music from the one-and-only DJ Vinh Vu, an impeccable catered menu from Cameron Mitchell, and a stellar guest list, the Ohio Made Award Reception is the ideal night out. Do yourself a favor and purchase tickets today!

Unable to attend but want to leave your mark? As always, donations are welcomed and ever appreciated. Donate or sponsor!

For more information on Ohio Made, to contact us, or for insight on more of what the OAL has to offer, take a look at our website!

Glass Axis- ‘Make it happen’




Glass Axis is breaking grounds on their new home in Franklinton. Making moves down to Franklinton in the near future, they will need all the help they can get, so don’t forget to keep in touch and volunteer! Check out the full story below!




by Joe LoGiudice
COLUMBUS, OH 6/10/14 – “Make it happen!”

That was how Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said he responded when he heard Glass Axis, a non-profit art center in Grandview, was considering moving to the Franklinton section of the city.
Coleman joined approximately 75 dignitaries, artists, and members of the arts community Tuesday to celebrate the ground-breaking ceremony at the art center’s soon-to-be new location: 610 W. Town St.

But there were no shovels, no dirt, and no actual breaking of ground. Instead, the mayor used a glass hammer and nails, forged by Shawn Everett, the group’s facilities manager and member artist, to affix the official Glass Axis logo to a pedestal. “Since we are an organization of artists, you really wouldn’t expect us to show up with a shovel and a pile of dirt anyway,” said Rex Brown, executive director of Glass Axis. “We decided to begin the transformation of Franklinton into an arts creative neighborhood, and this fits exactly into our original concept,” the mayor added.

Glass Axis provides artists, students, and community members with the tools necessary to create innovative glass-blowing works while learning, sharing, and teaching.Member artists have access to affordable cold, warm, and hot glass facilities plus studio, exhibition, education, outreach, and income-producing opportunities all under one roof. “This will allow us to be in a location where we can be a better service to the community and (provide) better access to our facility for tourists and tourism,” said Brown. “So we’ll be able to create jobs, improve the Franklinton community, and promote tourism in Ohio.”

“This is a huge jump forward for all of Franklinton,” acclaimed Jim Sweeney, executive director of the Franklinton Development Association. “Bringing a well-established, highly professional arts organization like Glass Axis to our community is really going to help spur revitalization.”

Sweeney explained that because Glass Axis is one of the art leaders in Columbus, Franklinton will benefit simply from its proximity. “Everybody else wants to be closer to them.”
Alex Bandar, founder and chief executive officer of the Columbus Idea Foundry on West State St., echoed Sweeney’s sentiment.

“Glass Axis has been a pillar in the creative Columbus community for the last quarter century, and the fact that they’re coming down to Franklinton shows that there is a gravity that is really being built here that’s attracting other arts groups, other entrepreneurs, and other artists,” he stated.

“We love our neighbors,” exclaimed Brown. “We are going to have partnerships with all of them, and we will welcome any newcomers to this area just as much as the established members have welcomed us.” He said he has already contacted several Franklinton Arts District members concerning partnerships, and thanked Brioso Coffee, which provided free coffee to the gathering and will operate a coffee shop in the art center’s gallery when it formerly opens in the late fall, for becoming Glass Axis’s first formal new partnership. Brown added that in addition to providing jobs and improving communities, organizations like Glass Axis promote tourism.
“That’s where this organization’s really going to shine,” he said. “We’re on a major street, we have windows that are going to look right into our glass-blowing studios, and we have a curriculum of first-experience classes that are just made for people that are visiting Columbus.

“There’s over a dozen different classes that we offer for somebody with no experience blowing glass, and our instructors will help them through that process,” said Brown. “We are proud to be part of the revitalization of East Franklinton. Mayor Coleman has the right idea by establishing an arts area and letting everyone else fill in and complete the picture.”
“I’m excited about Glass Axis,” Coleman exclaimed. “When you want to find the future, you follow artists. If you want to know what tomorrow is going to look like, then you follow the thinkers. When you want to get a glimpse of the greatness of what the future will be, then you follow those who have imagination. That’s how you make communities.
“This is a neighborhood that will be composed of people with great imagination,” the mayor continued. “This is a community that will be composed of a people that will be able to create a future for a city: jobs, opportunity, and quality of life. And that’s what Franklinton’s all about. That’s why I’m proud to be here once again with all you great folks that we will follow into the future with your thinking, your imagination, your creativity, and your artistic gifts.”

The mayor explained he committed himself to revitalizing Franklinton several years ago because “it was where the city was founded. At the time it was forgotten, abandoned, and very few had interest in it. I put a steak in the ground and said: ‘We’re going to bring this area back because it’s the heart, the beginning of the city.’ We owe an obligation to the past and to those who follow us to make sure that Franklinton is the great place that it can be by spending the resources and focusing on development to make a place that is attractive to work, to create, and to live, all in this neighborhood.

“In five years, maybe sooner, this neighborhood will be teeming and beaming with people that live here as well as come here to visit,” he said. Glass Axis and other members of the arts community just might make that happen.

Media Contact
Name: Rex Brown
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 614-291-4250
Email address: rex@glassaxis.org

Free Last Saturday Demo at Glass Axis


Every last Saturday of the month, Glass Axis in Columbus presents free demonstrations. Watch as an artist makes their personal best in these in-depth demonstrations. This month, Sten Neuber shows the step-by-step process and finesse of creating glass art. Neuber, who has been working with glass for over a decade, uses various pick-up techniques to create peanut and other nut-shaped vessels. 


“My work on my own time is very inspired by nature,” says Neuber, “mostly by animals but also the funny things in life that remind me of animals.”

Don’t miss Sten Neuber, this Saturday, May 31 from 4- 6 in the evening at Glass Axis


Visit the Glass Axis home page to see what other great events they have to offer!

Glass Axis Mother’s Day Sale


Still not sure what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Stop on over to Glass Axis in Columbus sometime this weekend (May 2- 4) to pick up a one-of-a-kind gift for the most important lady in your life. Glass Axis offers workshops for the whole family on Friday May 2nd from 2- 6 pm and this weekend, on Saturday & Sunday from 11 am- 3 pm. Treat your mom with a handmade gift that is hers alone, like a pulled glass flower or torchworked beads, or let her try her own hand at glass-making. 


Hundreds of glass art pieces are on sale, ranging from blown glass vessels to exquisite jewelry, from colorful glass flowers to unique sculptures, from stained glass mantel pieces to funky kitchen accents, many at discounted prices. The number one thing mothers want on their special day is to spend quality time with the ones they love, so create your own vase for those flowers she always gets and give her a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget! Many of the Glass Axis vendors have beautifully crafted, unique jewelry available for sale, as well.


The 7th Annual Glass Axis Spring Sale is going on now! So stop in to 1341 Norton Avenue-B, Columbus, OH 43212 Friday from Noon to 7 pm, or Saturday & Sunday from 9 am- 4 pm. 


To see the complete workshop schedule or to see what other great things Glass Axis has to offer, click here to visit the full website.

Glass Axis Presents “Student & Recent Graduate Showcase Exhibit”


Kelsey Finnie, a 2013 Ohio State University graduate, kickstarts Glass Axis’ “Student & Recent Graduate Showcase Exhibit” series with her Spontaneous Actions: Doodles in Glass exhibition. Finnie’s exhibit is a three-dimensional personification of the act of doodling on a page as she lets the artwork create itself. 

Kelsey explores the use of glass cane, which is traditionally used as a surface decoration in vessels, to draw through space. Finnie’s free form cane doodling leaves the margins of her notebook to create an all encompassing experience of walking through a drawing.

“Doodles are spontaneous in action. The thought is about bringing doodles to life and in the present,” addresses Finnie, “I don’t have a plan when bending and shaping them and even setting them up; it’s a very spontaneous and organic experience and form.”

The exhibit is presently on display in the massive Glass Axis art center through April 26. Whether you are a fellow alumnus of Finnie, want to show support for young adults expressing their ever-expanding ingenuity, or care to explore the adventurous talent of the artist, the enthralling Spontaneous Actions: Doodles in Glass is sure not to disappoint. 


For more information on Kelsey Finnie, click here to check out her website

For details on the exhibit or information about upcoming events, visit the Glass Axis homepage.

FREE Demo: Emlyn Strzempka


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Every last Saturday of the month Glass Axis presents free demonstrations. In March, we feature Emlyn Strzempka and her current body of work ‘Looking for Love in All Wrong Places’. Watch Emlyn take her sketches and drawings, and brings them to life through glass!

This will be the LAST FREE demo!

Saturday, March 30th from 4-6PM at Glass Axis (1341 Norton Avenue)

Check out this artists spunky and carefree characters and sculptures as each piece has been part of a coping mechanism for her love life throughout her ’20 something’ stage of life. The graphic and blatant subject matter tells the story of loves lost in different situations, but expressed from an animalistic point of view. “I see myself as one of these silly creatures, getting caught up in yet another frivolous yet heart-breaking relationship.” says Emlyn.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.18.47 PM

Emlyn started blowing glass in 2010 at Bowling Green State University, where she later graduated with her BFA in glass and metal smithing. In 2013, she was offered the technician apprenticeship at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, where she really began developing her hot sculpting aesthetic. She currently works at the Glass Center as an instructor. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Middle West, including the Toledo Museum of Art.

Learn more about Emlyn and her artwork through her






Join Glass Axis on March 8th for a Mardi Gras themed celebration fundraiser!

The day will start with glass workshops for all ages. At 8 pm the formal fundraiser will begin featuring exciting glassblowing demonstrations and performances, live music and dancing.

Ticket prices include appetizers and refreshments and a cash bar will be open all night.

The highlight of the evening will be a high energy glass fashion show.

Proceeds from the event will be used towards the upcoming move to their new facility in the Franklinton neighborhood.

Enjoy an evening of entertainment by your local glass artists while supporting Glass Axis! Tickets will be available for pre-purchase on Eventbrite or at the door. General admission is $20, VIP admission is $50 & will include an impressive swag bag. 
Glass Axis is located at 1341 Norton Ave., Columbus
Stay tuned for more details!


What’s Going On At Glass Axis

ImageSatellite I, Shawn Everett

‘Imaginary Toys’

In the spirit of the holidays and the joyous feeling that children get when seeing a new toy, the year end exhibit plays on the concept of imagination, playing, creating, learning, and visualizing.

Glass Axis will be hosting this exhibit from December 5th, 2013 to February 25th 2014

The closing reception will be held February 25th from 6-8


Free Last Saturday Demo, January 25th 4-6
Every last Saturday of the month Glass Axis host a free demonstration giving you a step by step process on creating glass art
This month’s demonstration artists if Nicki Strouss, she will be experimenting with different materials to make blow molds as well as plaster molds. She will make a number of forms that will be incorporated into a mixed media sculpture.
About Nicki: As a member of the Ohio Art League, she likes to work from a variety of materials that such as wax, clay, wool, security envelopes, glass, etc. Her decision to use a variety of materials and process helps vary and enforce the experience and interpretation of the repeated forms at the same time enhancing the visual and physical texture of the pieces. Some forms appear fragile, as if cracking eggs and others look as strong as weathered stones; all forms are linked by tactility.