Amy Hipple & AP Crone! Go girls!

OAL member artists Audrey Crone and Amy Hipple have exhibited at several of our events throughout the years, and now they’re doing us one more solid by donating some works to our One Night Live Auction! Both of which, among all the others, are available for purchase at the event on October 10 at Strongwater Spirits and Gallery Space in Franklinton.

If you haven’t yet, get your tickets today! For more information on the event or anything else the Ohio Art League has to offer– which is a lot, trust me– visit our home page and sign up for our newsletter!

For those of you members who want to get your artwork in front of some well-established art collectors, enthusiasts, and potential buyers, submit your work by tomorrow! Deadline for One Night artwork submission is Monday Oct. 6 BY 11:59 PM!!!

Ohio Art League member Amy Hipple is an art instructor with FCBDD and has been working in Stained Glass since 1978.  “I fell in love with the medium while on a field trip to Franklin Art Glass in 1970, and returned to work there before starting my career as an artist,” says Hipple. ” After working at Highlights for Children for 22 years, I received my teaching certificate and Masters of Education at Ohio Dominican University, and have been teaching students with disabilities ever since.” Check out Summer Glass Puddle below!


Aubrey Crone‘s Betty has made her niche in the artistic community, that’s for sure. You’ve probably seen her in some of our Member-Curated Exhibitions or, most definitely, our most recent Spring Juried Exhibition. Audrey P. Crone holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Designs from Pratt Institute in New York and is a Thai-Chinese New Yorker who currently resides in, that’s right, Columbus, Ohio.



Ten Rooms: New Work by Chad Cochran at 78th Street Studios!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.13.33 PM

Every Third Friday of the month from 5 – 9 pm, over 40 venues inside 78th Street Studios open up at the same time to present compelling visual exhibits, ambient music, delicious cuisine, and pop up vendors. Named Cleveland’s Best Arts Event by Scene Magazine and Best of Yelp Cleveland, Third Fridays is a multisensory art experience like nothing else in the region. With four different floors of eclectic architecture and visual displays, 78th Street Studios is a retail adventure that allows the public to interact with Cleveland’s living artists and to discover authentic art, furniture, and cuisine made in this region.

That’s why the Ohio Art League would like to congratulate member-artist Chad Cochran on his inclusion in this month’s Third Friday cultural collaboration! Follow the link to learn more about the artist on his photography homepage.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.43.15 PM

In an effort to get back in touch with his roots in rural Fredericktown, Ohio, Chad began taking photographs of the rustic landscapes that surrounded him as a child. His fascination with decaying buildings and vintage signs provides him with the connection to the small town he grew up in and the ability to share those experiences with us art lovers.

Tonight (July 18th), you can get a firsthand glimpse at some of Cochran’s photography on display in the Laurel Herbold Studio, Suite 107 in 78th Street Studios from 5- 9:30 pm, or by appointment.

Ten Rooms: New Work is a culmination of some of Cochran’s reproductions of dilapidated barns and houses, vintage signage, and rural landscapes. Cochran’s use of image with object elicits a nostalgic response in which the viewer can’t help feeling an intimate connection with the scene.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.15.53 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.16.26 PM

See our beloved Ohio countryside in new form in Ten Rooms, now through August 15th at 78th Street Studios, 1300 W 78th St., Cleveland, Ohio.

For more information on Third Fridays or other great events 78th Street Studios has to offer, check out the website here!

Click to see other artists featured by 78th Street Studios.

Glass Axis Presents “Student & Recent Graduate Showcase Exhibit”


Kelsey Finnie, a 2013 Ohio State University graduate, kickstarts Glass Axis’ “Student & Recent Graduate Showcase Exhibit” series with her Spontaneous Actions: Doodles in Glass exhibition. Finnie’s exhibit is a three-dimensional personification of the act of doodling on a page as she lets the artwork create itself. 

Kelsey explores the use of glass cane, which is traditionally used as a surface decoration in vessels, to draw through space. Finnie’s free form cane doodling leaves the margins of her notebook to create an all encompassing experience of walking through a drawing.

“Doodles are spontaneous in action. The thought is about bringing doodles to life and in the present,” addresses Finnie, “I don’t have a plan when bending and shaping them and even setting them up; it’s a very spontaneous and organic experience and form.”

The exhibit is presently on display in the massive Glass Axis art center through April 26. Whether you are a fellow alumnus of Finnie, want to show support for young adults expressing their ever-expanding ingenuity, or care to explore the adventurous talent of the artist, the enthralling Spontaneous Actions: Doodles in Glass is sure not to disappoint. 


For more information on Kelsey Finnie, click here to check out her website

For details on the exhibit or information about upcoming events, visit the Glass Axis homepage.