100 Under 100 at CS Gallery

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CS Gallery is proud to announce that it will be hosting the gallery’s 100th show,100 Under 100! We’re proud too, guys!

The exhibition will feature 100 works from fifty spectacular local artists, like Ohio Art League member artist Chris Pemberton, and each will sell at least one of his or her works for 100 bucks or less. If you’ve been interested in starting your art collection, but haven’t quite had the means to that end, this is definitely the show for you!

CS Gallery will exhibit 100 Under 100 from November 8th through the 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, Nov. 14th from 6- 9 pm. The reception is to feature live music by Jeff McCargish!

For more info., have a look-see at the 100 Under 100 page.


Opening Reception: CS Summer Detour: Guest Curator Series

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Artist reception will be be held on August 22nd from 6 – 9pm.

Come join us to celebrate on August 16th – 27th, two members of the Ohio Art League will be participating in the CS Summer Detour a series throughout the months of summer where guest artists are invited to curate shows

at CS Gallery located at 66 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

Ohio Art League member artist, Char Norman will be the guest Curator and artist member Helen Hoffelt will be featured in this event.

We’ll see you there!

Smile in the face of adversity

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“The geologist must be able to re-create a bygone world from the evidence of a few samples of rock. The artist creates previously un-dreamt worlds from bits and pieces of his own reality.”

Ohio Art League artist Tom Baillieul‘s extensive training and experience in the Earth Sciences have shaped the way he perceives the physical world – giving him the ability to think in four dimensions, the three spatial dimensions and “deep time.”

CS Gallery of Cobenick Studios will host Baillieul’s latest exhibition, Put on a Happy Face, from August 29 through September 29, 2014. Don’t miss the Opening Reception Friday Sept. 12 from 6- 9 in the evening.

Put on a Happy Face places the ubiquitous yellow “smiley” face in a variety of ambiguous or contradictory situations, from garment workers in an Asian sweatshop, to dementia patients in a nursing home, to a woman learning to walk with an artificial leg.

I want viewers to stop and consider that their own values, their own perspectives may only be one of several possibilities. I hope to inspire questions. What does it mean? Why is it there? How should I react?”

The smiley face has been used as a symbol of joy, friendship and good times since the 1960s; although there are indications that it may have appeared well before then. More recently, it’s been used to promote low-priced consumer goods imported from overseas. In this exhibition, Tom Baillieul imposes new meanings onto the friendly symbol.

Click here to see more of Tom’s work and his exhibition schedule.

Guest Curators at CS Gallery!

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To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS Gallery is embarking on a new collaborative adventure!! Through the summer, they invited some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows– some of which are Ohio Art League members! The August installment highlights some of the staff of the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and ColumbusArts.com Artists.

Laine Bachmann

Ameila Bruskotter

Michael Bush

Kim Covell Maurer

Mary Ann Crago

Christine Gouillot Ryan

Cassidy Rae Limbach

Deanna Poelsma

Amandda Tirey

Lisa McLymont

Jason Moore

With special musical guest:

Jeff McCargish

*Curators in bold are Ohio Art League members. Way to go, guys!

To see a full list of the Featured Monthly Exhibition, take a look at the CS Gallery NX Exhibit page.

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While you’re at it, OAL member-artist Char Norman is exhibiting Nature As Deity August 5- 25 at CS Gallery. The Artist Reception is to be held Aug. 22 from 6- 9pm, with a sneak preview of the show on Saturday August 1!

CS Gallery and Events Call for Entries

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CS Gallery is traveling down a new direction and hosting their first three-dimensional artwork exhibition titled Off the Wall. The gallery is in the process of obtaining pedestals suitable for all types of work, but artists should be prepared to bring their own should CS Gallery be unable to provide one. In such case, the 3-D works may be mounted to the wall or ceiling!

Please be sure to include your name and number in the submission form, along with the payment of $15 via cash or check, and the Artwork Details Form to the artwork drop-off.

Submission deadline is Wednesday, May 21 with Drop-Off the following day. 

CS Gallery is a non jury gallery for most shows. This means your submission is your commitment to participate, you just have to be present on the designated day with your 5 pieces. If you bring it there is a good chance we will hang it. However, you are only guaranteed one accepted piece. All curation and selection is at the discretion of CS, and is based on size of work and the number of participants in the show.

It is highly recommended that artists attend the Opening Reception on May 31st from 7- 10 pm at the gallery. Off the Wall is scheduled from May 24- June 4.

Read the fine print and submit an entry here!

Call For Artist


OPEN Shows: Open subject, open format. Wall mounted 3D and 2D art

$15 submission fee for up to 5 pieces- Come one and all! For information visit CS Gallery 


Show Dates: February 1st-12th

Opening Night: February 8th

Submission Deadline: January 29th

Artwork Drop Off: January 30th

Artwork Pick Up: February 13th

CS Gallery Events Presents: “OPEN”


Check out CS Gallery this weekend for their last “OPEN” Group show of 2013!

December 6-17 2013

Featuring member artists of Ohio Art League:  Tom Baillieul, Deb Baillieul, Tom Hubbard, and Donna Estep 

Come out and support CS Gallery and OAL members!


For more information visit CS Gallery

66 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 

(614) 260-2021