Collage 2015: Expanding to Include Mixed Media

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Congratulations to OAL member Christine Guillot Ryan on her work featured in ‘Collage 2015’ at the Concourse Gallery in Upper Arlington.

Collage 2015 features the artwork of six contemporary artists, Louise Captein, N. Penney Denning, Egle’ Gatins, Martin Hugo, Margee Bright-Ragland, and OAL member artist Christine Guillot Ryan, who explore a wide range of approaches to the media of collage and mixed media collage.

Collage came out of the studio and into the exhibition halls early in the 20th century when Cubism fractured the traditional images of painting and sculpture.  Often called the poor artist’s medium, it enabled the artist to be spontaneous and flexible, to move elements around quickly before committing to a final composition.

About the Concourse Gallery: The Concourse Gallery is a public reception area of the Municipal Services Center and home to our Visual Arts Series. The City of Upper Arlington has dedicated this space to the arts for over 30 years. Their mission is to provide challenging, thought provoking, and dynamic exhibitions that foster discussion and education to all viewers. To learn more, please visit

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