Public Domain wants YOU!

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Public Domain channels the renegade energy of fearless and passionate innovators, like those living and creating in late-1800s Paris, the 1920s Harlem Renaissance and Jazz Age, Weimar-era 1920s Berlin and the NYC’s 1980s downtown art scene. Public Domain celebrates collective creativity. 

Work can be in any medium, any aesthetic, addressing any theme.

Open to new, emerging and established artists who are Ohio residents.

Selected artists will be notified in September.

The deadline for submission is September 5, so hop to it and click here to enter and read the guidelines!!

This Pop-Up Exhibit and Reception take place on October 11, 2014 at:

Homeport Gallery
779 East Long Street
Columbus, OH 43215
​(Adjacent to the Lincoln Theater)

Art at Vita Corazón: Full Spectrum









Vita Corazón Spa and Salon is now hosting ongoing art exhibitions. There will be new shows every two months with artists from Ohio. The current show will feature member artists Chris Rankin, Andrew Ina and Chelstin Ross. 

Chris is known for creating bold, bright and stylized landscapes using pigmented beeswax in a method called encaustic painting. This is Chris’ preferred medium because of the inherent translucent and textural qualities.

Andrew has been making large non-representational works for years. Recently, he’s included small people in his paintings, transforming his work into abstract landscapes that shift the viewers’ experience by asking them to consider the idea of scale.

Chelstin’s abstract watercolor landscapes often evoke a calm, soothing response in viewers. Using the fluidity of the colors, Chelstin blends them together to invite viewers into the scene and allow them to 
explore the works’ unique textures and patterns.


“Full Spectrum” will be on display now through February 1st at Vita Corazón Spa and Salon.

Details about the opening reception are below:

Where:    Vita Corazón Spa and Salon

7155 Corazon Dr.

Dublin, OH 43016

When: Thursday, January 9, 6 – 9 pm

Details: Drinks and hors d’oeuvres

10% of all gift card sales will be donated to Nationwide Children’s Hospital 
of Dublin