The Joseph Hotel


Our Board of Trustees member, Andrew Ina, as a part of WOSU filmed this great piece on the new Joseph Hotel at Broad and High where strong OAL supporters, Rebecca Ibel and Sarah Fairchild, had a hand in ensuring Ohio artists were represented thanks to the PIzzuti’s.

If you are not familiar with the new Joseph Hotel, it is a boutique, art hotel that is named after Ron Pizzuti’s father.  Ron is a real estate developer and an accomplished art collector, who was asked a few years ago to jury an OAL exhibition.  In many ways over the years, he has shown his commitment to not only Ohio artists but the city of Columbus and this is just another example.

So check out the video on the Joseph Hotel here

And be sure to check out the Pizzuti Collection over on North Park Street


Uncommon Objects: A Group Exhibition

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.41.13 PM

This June, the Dublin Arts Council presents Uncommon Objects, a three-person exhibition that examines the lines that divide object, representation and perception. Columbus-based artists Andrew Ina, Luke Ahern and Michael Ambron provide viewers with a series of paintings that expose the common threads connecting their practices while also revealing the unique manner in which each addresses the exhibition’s concept.

Opening Reception on Tuesday, June 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dublin Arts Council.

Uncommon Objects will be on display through August 2, 2014.

Ina and Ahern, both active members of the Ohio Art League, along with Ambron illustrate the tension and dialogue among surface, image, object, and space via spontaneity and exploration of layers.

The Opening Reception and exhibition are both free of charge, so visit the Dublin Arts Council this summer to support fellow OAL member artists and your community!


Check out what else the Dublin Arts Council has in store this summer by visiting the website!

Fore more information on the artists and the exhibition, see the Uncommon Objects page.


Dublin Arts Council gallery
7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin, Ohio


Art at Vita Corazón: Full Spectrum









Vita Corazón Spa and Salon is now hosting ongoing art exhibitions. There will be new shows every two months with artists from Ohio. The current show will feature member artists Chris Rankin, Andrew Ina and Chelstin Ross. 

Chris is known for creating bold, bright and stylized landscapes using pigmented beeswax in a method called encaustic painting. This is Chris’ preferred medium because of the inherent translucent and textural qualities.

Andrew has been making large non-representational works for years. Recently, he’s included small people in his paintings, transforming his work into abstract landscapes that shift the viewers’ experience by asking them to consider the idea of scale.

Chelstin’s abstract watercolor landscapes often evoke a calm, soothing response in viewers. Using the fluidity of the colors, Chelstin blends them together to invite viewers into the scene and allow them to 
explore the works’ unique textures and patterns.


“Full Spectrum” will be on display now through February 1st at Vita Corazón Spa and Salon.

Details about the opening reception are below:

Where:    Vita Corazón Spa and Salon

7155 Corazon Dr.

Dublin, OH 43016

When: Thursday, January 9, 6 – 9 pm

Details: Drinks and hors d’oeuvres

10% of all gift card sales will be donated to Nationwide Children’s Hospital 
of Dublin

Fact or Fake, New Work by Helma Groot and Andrew Ina



Help support Ohio Art League member artist Andrew Ina and fellow artist Helma Groot by attending their upcoming show featuring a whole new body of work

Opening reception will be held Friday, November 22nd from 6:30-9:00 pm

Ray’s Living Room in the Short North

17 Brickel St.

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Delicious food and drinks will be provided!


For more information visit the following websites 


Andrew Ina

Helma Groot

One Night: Speakeasy Promo

Wearable Art created by: Fammy Jameson (large mixed media necklaces and earrings) •
Amy Neiwirth (enameled necklaces) •
Esther Myong Hall (Cream Dress, Sweater with green, Black and white coat) •
Lexie Stoia (knitted tank) •
Dustin Hood (large scarf) //
Models: Kristi Lawrence • Justin Centa //
shot/cut: Andrew Ina //
camera b: Gwen Capistran DeAngulo //
Photography: John Johnson (GT6 Photography) //
Hair: Megan Milla Van Winkle //
Makeup: Alezendria Deluca //
Assistants: Walaa Waeda • Stephanie Sypsa