A Trip Back in Time and A One Man Art Show with Daniel Rosales

“A one-man show of an artist’s work is a severe test and often a very revealing one.”

This is the opening statement to a “Palette & Brush” column in the Columbus Art League’s newsletter circa 1930s regarding solo artist Guy Brown Wiser. Wiser’s appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail earned him a solo exhibition in an era not accustomed to one-man shows.

As many of you know, the Ohio Art League strives to represent and encourage our members, be it in a one-artist exhibition or that in a group. Thus, in the days of the Columbus Art League, single-artist exhibitions were not as prominent as they are now in our Member Curated Exhibitions that are hosted monthly.

OAL member artist and photographer Daniel Rosales is an example of the progression our Ohio-based organization has seen over the years. Join him in his first ever solo show, “Play With Your Food,” at MadLab Theatre downtown at the end of this month.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.20.46 PM

The Opening Reception for “Play With Your Food” takes place from 5- 7 pm at MadLab.

This show is the idea of showing food in a manner that’s reserved to people. It gives a unique take on human personality. It is for anyone who has ever enjoyed playing with their food and now they don’t have to imagine what it would look like. To see how the inanimate would live if they could. -Rosales

His spectrum of genre ranges from that of the lively inanimate food stuffs, to that of professional event and interior photography. Have a look at his Facebook page to find out more about the event or get an inside look at some of his work.

Travel through time with OAL and make new memories at Ohio Made!


As we at the Ohio Art League are tossing around ideas for this year’s “Tribute” One Night event, a fundraiser honoring the history of OAL and the marvelous people that make it all possible, we invite you to share in our chronology by checking out various articles from archives we have collected over the years. Check out the first post to get an idea.

Additionally, Ohio Made: All-Ohio Art Festival is approaching, and we would like to take this time to remind you of the Award’s Ceremony hosted the night prior to Ohio Made on Friday September 26 from 6- 9 in the evening. We are excited to be honoring long-time Ohio Art League members Barb Vogel and Kojo Kamau; two accomplished Ohio artists that have been recognized as ‘elders’ in the art community. Their hard work and creativity will be credited in this VIP recognition ceremony, catered by Cameron Mitchell.1923awards

The Ohio Made Festival is not only a celebration of local art, but of art enthusiasts and patrons as well. This award reception will include catered h’orderves by Cameron Mitchell, music, art raffle, honorary awards celebration, and local artists. Tickets and/or Sponsorship tables ($60 Single Ticket/$110 for 2 pair with 2 drink tickets) can be purchased for the reception, and, as always, we appreciate all the donations.

The Ohio Art League has been honoring and awarding members and artists within our community since before we were even expanded to cover all of Ohio! The Columbus Art League hosted annual shows, somewhat like our Ohio Made Juried Exhibition, in which prizes were awarded based on merit of the artwork. First, Second, Third place and Honorable Mentions were awarded to artists like Walter B. O. Frank, Alice Schille, and Ray Kinsman Waters in the 1923 Thirteenth Annual Exhibition of the Columbus Art League.

We sincerely hope you join us for the celebration that is Ohio Made! Sign up for a Vendor Booth as registration is open through August 3rd, or enter into the Juried Exhibition (non-OAL member or OAL member registration) by the same date. Prizes will be awarded for top entries by the jurors, as well as a People’s Choice– a concept also taken on in the Ohio Art League’s early days, in which attendees of an exhibition were asked to vote for their favorite pieces!


Get more information on our sponsors, vendors, and how to sign up by visiting our Ohio Made page, and don’t forget to check our blog and Facebook page every week to keep an eye out for our fun history facts as a tribute to OAL’s last 105 years of reaching out to the community and our members, past and present.