Google Art Project digitally preserves street art!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.28.18 PM

Photo Cred: Stephanie Rond & Google Street Art Project

In June 2014, Google Art Project began publishing street art images, archiving works by artists like INTI in France, El Seed in Tunisia, and Nerf in Argentina. This month, the number of street art pieces carefully cataloged on Google Art Project reached 10,000! The Google Street Art Project aims to immortalize and preserve an art form that has been anything but “forever.”

For example, your favorite mural may be painted over in real life, but in the digital realm, it lives on forever.

Find work by local street artist and Ohio Art League member Stephanie Rond by following this link and searching under “S.”

Artists receive full credit on the site, which doesn’t allow downloads and dates each piece according to when it actually appeared at its designated location. Navigating the site, one can experience audio tours, curated online exhibitions, and original artist stories.

If you catch your own or any other local artists – especially OAL members – be sure to shoot us an e-mail so we can credit the works and promote it!



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