Millworks Artist Studios Exhibition: “Dear Summer”

MillworksDearS PostcardP

Millworks Artist Studios, a multi-tenant studio space, is having their inaugural gallery exhibition this Saturday, February 28th, from 5pm-9pm.  

The exhibition “Dear Summer” features artists across all different artistic mediums.  This exhibition is a chance to showcase the wonderful art being created by the different artists at Millworks.  Exhibiting artists include: Aaron Kirchmaier, Anthony Vines, Brittany Campbell, Crystal Tursich, Daniel Colvin, Danny Pizzo, David Castle, Jozzy Kane, Justin Braun, Leah Wong, Lisette Lichtenstein, Martha Michael, Mariel Katafias, Pheoris West, Polina Isurin, Rachael Anderson, Rebecca Copper, Rod Bouc, Ron Anderson, Suzanne Silver, Todd Slaughter, Tiffany Lawson, Thoma Swanson, Uko Smith, Wendy Yeager, Kenny Johnson, and Charles Massey.

So join us for a fun evening of food, drinks, entertainment, good conversation and of course enjoying great art.

The exhibition is located at: 

The North Gallery

2020 Leonard Avenue 

Columbus, OH 43219

For more information call Scott Mowrey at 740-334-0178


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