Lea Gray Exhibition at Central Park Apartments!


The Central Park Apartments have beautiful, luxury apartments located at 105 Radio City Blvd., Columbus, OH 43235.

Until May 1st, they will be showing works by OAL member, Lea Gray.

The lobby is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 12:15pm-5pm.

Lea Gray specializes in painting, innovating Origami products, and accessory design.  She describes her art:

“Painting gives me the ability to express a vitality and rhythm that I find in the elements in nature.  The repetitious patterns, growth structures and color formations enthrall me in a way that carries my artwork beyond representation.  Focusing in landscape painting at the Columbus College of Art and Design I found a deeper attraction and fascination to nature’s visual rhythm.  Whether it is the branch development of a tree, the blossoming of a flower or even the formation of a color field in a crystal, every nuance of nature excites me.  I use this passion to create works that I hope to not only fulfill the viewer but captivate them as well.”

Her exhibition will last through May 1st, and anyone interested in buying one of her pieces should contact OAL at 614-299-8225 or oal@oal.org as we are representing her in this matter.

To see the exhibition check out our Flickr.

Also check out Lea Gray’s Website where you can see the full spectrum of her amazing work!

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