Glass Axis is back in action!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.43.27 PM

We know how excited you must be, because we missed them too! Ohio’s own Glass Axis will have a Grand Re-Opening on the weekend of November 6 -8 in Franklinton, at 610 W Town St.!

The grand re-opening features workshops and demonstrations by glass master Bill Gudenrath, as well as demos by Glass Axis‘s talented artists and the opening of Glass Axis: A History Exhibition. Pieces by Axis’s artists will be auctioned hot right off the pipe. Daily performance will feature glass jugglers and a glass mime. As a fitting conclusion to a celebration of glass and art, Saturday evening will end with an outdoor glassblowing event that is not to be missed.

Classes on November 7 are first-come, first-served. No pre-registration is required, and no reservations are accepted. If you would like to take a class at another time, visit the Glass Axis website for more information.


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