Get those LEGOS back out! It’s time to create!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.06.43 PM

The 2014 Lego Design Challenge, presented by the Center for Creativity at the Columbus Museum of Art, is a design competition that promotes the creative and original use of LEGO bricks!

Anyone is eligible to participate in the 2014 LEGO DESIGN CHALLENGE, but all finalists must be able to transport their designs to and from CMA on the designated dates. And by anyone, they mean anyone! All ages, as well as groups, are able to submit!

BUT, the deadline for submission is OCTOBER 17!

Those wishing to submit their unique, LEGO-based artwork, are asked to respond to the following challenge:

In The LEGO Movie, the characters explore a wild variety of imaginary worlds made of LEGO bricks. Help us imagine a new Columbus! What building, structure, or mode of transportation does a new Columbus need? Be a Master Builder and make something with LEGO bricks for our new Columbus.

Guidelines, you gotta have ’em:

  • The design must be built on a LEGO baseplate measuring 10”x10”
  • The design may not exceed 10” W x 10” L x 24” H

Judging will be based on:

  1. Creative application of LEGO bricks
  2. Imaginative design and concept
  3. Difficulty of execution

Wake up your inner child for this one, folks! Let Columbus speak to you, and get your creative juices flowing! Find out more here!


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