Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago! Multiples. Chicago October fair is calling for final entries!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.19.13 PM

Multiples. is a temporary crossover exposition opening for one weekend in March and October 2014 showcasing objects produced as multiples. As a premise show, Multiples. seeks to span the division between art and craft, which are intimately connected, yet often artificially separated by preconceived notions of social value. Modeled as a hybrid of the contemporary commercial art fair, critical craft markets and an exploration of visual art forms, Multiples. is an affordable option for contemporary artists and makers looking to expose their practice and sell their editions, replicated hand-made, or manufactured works in Chicago. Please click the apply link above to showcase your work at our Spring or Fall expositions, or the about link to learn more about art multiples.

APPLY for this opportunity today! 

Last chance to enter is September 15th.


For a $450 table fee, you can apply for a standard table arrangement to sell your multiples. Applicants can apply as individuals, or with a group, though applications for groups should include the names of all participating artists, contact info and websites.

For a $225 table fee, you can apply for a shared table. If you have another vendor in mind with whom you’d like to share your table, please indicate their name(s) in the application. Otherwise, the Multiples. team can find another vendor to pair you with from our list of applicants.

NEW! For a $650 installation area fee, you can apply for an 80 sq ft space–this includes no walls, tables or other equipment or guarantee of available wall space–to setup installations of sculpture, installation art, displays or other types of area presentation that requires the additional space to present. Additional equipment may be provided upon request.

For a $225 wall fee, you can apply for a 4′ wide by 8′ high drywall section. Wall sections may be added exponentially (i.e., two 4′ x 8′ sections for $450, and so on) to create a booth for wall display within the fair. Tables are not provided for those applying for wall sections. For a visual example of the wall section layout, please click here.Please note that this is an early rate; after Aug. 15 wall section rates increase to $350.

For a $225 fee, you can also apply to sell your wares from a small roving exhibit, which could be a bicycle, cart, or even a handbag (what, you’ve never heard of Clutch Gallery?) instead of a standard table. This is a fun option for those whose showcase benefits from being able to move freely about the event. Please note this may also include video projection for the visual art category.


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