Extended Deadline for The City of Columbus’ Parsons Avenue Streetscape Project


The City of Columbus Public Art Program seeks to commission a professional visual artist/artist team to join the Parsons Avenue Streetscape Project being undertaken by the Columbus Department of Public Service. The deadline has been extended until June 8th at Midnight. 
The role of the artist/artist team is as follows:

1) Join the project design team where the function and design of the project will be developed; and
2) Create a site specific artwork or artworks discrete to, or integrated into, the new Parson’s Avenue streetscape. The project will focus on Parson’s Avenue corridor between Broad Street and Franklin Avenue.

Art Selection Process:

1) The CAC will seat a seven member Artist Advisory Panel to evaluate the submissions. The Panel shall review qualifications (images of past work, resume, letter of interest and references) and select up to three artist/artist teams as project finalists.
2) The Finalists will interview with a secondary Artist Selection Panel that will include the project design team (engineers and landscape architects/architects), designated City of Columbus project staff and two members of the Artist Advisory Panel. The Artist Selection Panel will recommend one artist/artist design team finalist and one alternate to the CAC for the project commission.
3) The CAC will review the finalist and alternate artist/artist teams for approval.

Project Budget and Funding:

The public art budget is $100,000, all inclusive (design team participation, community discussions/research, design, fabrication and installation, including permitting fees, travel, shipping expenses, insurance and other project related costs). The design fee (included in the $100,000 budget) is 10% of the total art budget or $10,000. The public art project will be funded through the City of Columbus Capital Improvement Program.

Project Time Line:

-May 1, 2014 Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Released
-June 8, 2014 Deadline for RFQ Submissions
-June 2014 Artist Selection Panel to review submissions and select three finalists
Artist/artist team Interviews with the Artist Selection Panel, including the design
team, to select one finalist and one alternate artist/team
-June 26, 2014 The CAC will review the finalist and alternate artist/artist teams for approval.
-July/August 2014 Artist/Artist Team legislation submitted to Columbus City Council for approval
-August/September 2014 Artist/Artist Team enter into contract with the Development Department
-September 2014 Artist/Artist Team joins project Design Team
-Fall 2014 – Fall 2015 Detailed Design Phase
-2016 Construction Phase

The base will cover the following:


**FREE to register through GCAC GoArt Platform. Just create a login and you are on your way to apply!

Visit  Parson’s Avenue Streetscape to apply.

For more Information contact:

Lori Baudro, AICP, Project Coordinator, Columbus Planning Division, 50 W. Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio.
e. lsbaudro@columbus.gov
t. 614.645.6986


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