Tony Couch Five-Day Watercolor Painting Workshop



Take a little getaway this summer, while brushing up on your brushstrokes with Tony Couch’s 5-Day Watercolor Painting Workshop in Oxford, Ohio. Oxford, the quaint home of Miami University, lies about fifty minutes Northwest of Cincinnati near the Indiana border and serves as the perfect backdrop and inspiration for painters at any level. 

Tony’s exemplary experience enables him to instruct others in the art of watercolor painting. “Anyone can learn to produce good art. ANYONE! After all, it is a skill, and skill is teachable. The first thing for you to understand is YOU can DO IT! The key is GOOD instruction, and lots of practice,” says Couch.


The workshop takes place from July 14-18 2014 at the Oxford Community Arts Center. Each of the 5-day courses are from 9 am to 5 pm. The five-day fee of $450 is due in full by June 14, 2014. 

Many surrounding hotels are offering deals and discounts to those that are traveling from outside of the area, so be sure to mention “Tony Couch Fine Art Workshop” when comparing special rates via the link below. 

Whether you’re learning a new medium or merely delving back into an old steadfast, these workshops promise improvement and debunking the “mystery” of design. Each morning begins with a full sheet demonstration, instructed by Couch, followed by ample time for an afternoon painting session, in which you discover your own hidden talents. Near the cessation of each day’s workshop, critiques are offered by fellow classmates as well as the instructor, enabling you, as the artist, to see a different perspective on your own work. The positive environment allows you to grow as an artist by seeing works through the eyes of others. 


Download the full brochure for a list of hotels and a registration form here. 

To register online or to check out more about the Oxford Community Arts Center, click here!



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