Raku Party & Clay from the Classroom

Clay From The Classroom Art Exhibit and holiday Raku Party!!
Friday, December 13
6-9 pm at Clayspace/Gallery 831
Everyone is welcome! Guests may purchase and glaze a handmade piece of pottery for $40 and enjoy the gallery show while their work is fired in our raku kiln by Clayspace artist Todd Hickerson.
The kiln is heated to 1900 degrees then opened to expose the red hot pottery inside. The work is removed with tongs and placed in metal cans filled with combustible material which is ignited by the hot pottery. The cans are covered and the fire reacts with the glaze to create iridescent and metallic effects on the pottery. Finally the pieces are submerged in water to cool. Wiping off the ashes from the fire reveals flashes of brilliance and metallic shine.
While you wait for your masterpiece to come out of the kiln you can relax and enjoy the gallery show Clay from the Classroom featuring work by Clayspace artists or sign up for open wheel and take a lesson on the potter’s wheel.


For more information and other awesome holiday crafting and gift shopping visit Clayspace 

831 S Front Street

Columbus, OH 43206

(614) 449-8144




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