No/Where/Now/Here is a minimalist exhibition working with ideas of reflections and light. The largest pieces in the exhibition are two prints of a painting in a grand, classical style, printed in a pointillism style (La Barca, Parts 1 and 2, Jill Raymundo). The print on the right side is predominately dark, however the print on the opposite is a reflection, with the white spaces of the other painting filled with black. The two pieces play as two halves of the same whole, and it is an interesting experience to stand between the two and let the different densities play against each other.

In the front of the gallery are two collections of glass orbs (Avoir. Linda Diec). One collection is clear, while the other opaque, shiny like chrome. Like the prints, positive and negative space come into play again right next to each other.

The exhibition also has a lightness to it, almost a sense of airiness. There are pointillism prints of the sky, in light pastel colors of a sunset, while a circle of light blue neon light dangles from the ceiling like the moon. A wooden sculpture is suspended from the ceiling in the window, hanging in fragments to create a whole. Overall the exhibition is relaxing and peaceful, come by and see!Image


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