OAL and the BIG GIVE

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The Big Give is going on NOW!

Donate to OAL till 11AM tomorrow morning, and the donation will be supplemented by the Columbus Foundation.

Help support us HERE

The Ohio Art League provides exhibition and professional development opportunities to artists and enriches the community through art. We do this by having our annual Juried Fall and Spring Exhibitions at different galleries throughout the state. Our new Student Juried Exhibition to give students an opportunity to take part in the process and learn the process of applications for our more professional based exhibitions. We also provide workshops and community art critiques known as Art INFOrmal open to the public to encourage conversation and growth.

Ohio Art League hosts Sunday figure drawing, which is only $8 for a 3 hour session from 1-4pm. (check our calendar of events for dates)

Our gallery is located in the South Campus Gateway a stones toss from other great galleries such as the Wexner Center for the Arts and Roy G Biv. We are unique in that only members can show in our gallery by participating in the Member Curated Exhibitions.

Member Curated Exhibitions are where one member serves are curator for another member or group of members. They give a proposal for the general membership during a set meeting and at that meeting are voted for spaces to exhibit in the upcoming year. 

With your help and support Ohio Art League has proven to be a successful non-profit organization for over 100 years. Help us continue to make history with your donation during The BIG GIVE!




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