Ohio State Fair: European Papers and German Village: Art Crawl


Do you make your own paper? Are you a paper artist? Well then this is for you, a new opportunity for paper art has made its way to the Ohio State Fair, held July 24th- August 4th 2013. This year we welcome a new Creative Arts Director, Lisa Ohmer.

No matter what your craft, trade or talent, there are plenty of opportunities for you here are the Ohio State Fair! So hurry and register to be part of this fun Summer event!

Register by June 20th!

Visit the Ohio State Fair website to register and become part of the ‘fair-tastic’ event!



2013 German Village Art Crawl : the night we turn garage spaces into art galleries is a one day only event that combines German Village’s local businesses, restaurants, rich art tradition, and history together. 

So..CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Come be part of this magical event!

Located: Macon Alley

Date: Saturday July 20th


HURRY! and visit the German Village website for more details and Application Forms.


Call for Entries: “Cleveland Connection” Juried Exhibition

The Gallery at Lakeland Community College Presents:  

“Cleveland Connection” Juried Exhibition

Presented by:

Cleveland West Art League, featuring both members of the Cleveland West Art League and the Ohio Art League

Call for Artists

Submissions will be accepted June 1- July 5

For more information please refer to http://clevelandwestartleague.com/

Click on the CALL FOR ARTISTS 

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Member Opportunities: Rosewood Gallery Artist Opportunities List

The Rosewood Gallery in Kettering, Ohio creates this list as a resource of affordable and local opportunities for artists. Here’s the list:

Getting in the Game: Professional Development Series for Artists
Saturday, June 1, 1:00 – 5:30 pm
This event is now being held at the Rosewood Arts Centre
$5 per person
This one-day event will focus on various aspects of getting artwork out
of the studio and into the public sphere through mini-sessions,
critiques, and resource exploration.  Geared for artists at all stages
in their careers, topics include digitizing artwork, pricing, navigating
taxes, and more!  A complete schedule will be available at
rosewood.ketteringoh.org. This event is organized by the Dayton Visual
Arts Center, Rosewood Gallery with the City of Kettering, and the
Springfield Museum of Art, with support from Dayton Power and Light.

Call for Entries. DEADLINE:  June 15, 2013.
Kay Koeninger, who is on the art faculty at Sinclair Community College,
is now considering work for the exhibition Sky High (working title) for
the Ohio Arts Council.  The exhibition, of which she is the curator,
will be on view at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery in Columbus
from July 31-October 19, 2014 and will be drawn from the work artists
living and making art in Ohio.  The theme of the exhibition is the sky,
in all its permutations.  Content variables can include the sky; the
weather, extreme or otherwise; natural light and darkness; cloud
studies; the celestial skyscape and astronomy; and various other
explorations of the atmosphere, such as environmental concerns, etc.  If
you have a body of work or are working on a body of work in any media
that addresses this theme, send your contact information, your resume
and sample images to Kay.  Please do not send digital images as
attachments; include a link to a URL in your email.  Or you may send
images on a CD via snail mail; if you want the CD returned, please
include a SASE.   Kay can be reached at
or Kay Koeninger, 135 N. Walnut Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387.

The property manager for the Washington Square Shopping Center, where
Dorothy Lane Market is located, is planning an event for Saturday, June
22 and would like to invite local artists to set up a table to sell or
just showcase their work. They will have live music, DLM will be smoking
meat, and children’s activities and special sales will be going on in participating
stores. If you are interested in being a part of the event, contact:
Melissa DeHart
Property Manager
Washington Square Land Development
6135 Far Hills Ave.
Dayton, OH  45459
(937) 535-5690 – direct
(937) 604-0976 – mobile or after hours

Rosewood Gallery in Kettering, Ohio, announces a call for entries for
HWD 2013:  Regional Sculpture Competition.  Artists from Ohio, Indiana,
Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are invited to enter
original sculptures created from any 3-D media or combination of media
including clay, wood, glass, metal, fiber and stone.  The work must be
able to fit through the 34″ x 79″ doorway and must have been created
within the last four years.  Jurying will be done from digital images.
Work previously exhibited at Rosewood is not eligible. Completed entries
(CD or e-mail, entry form and non-refundable check of $20.00 for up to 3
works), will be accepted through June 29, 2013.  The exhibit runs from
August 26 – September 27, 2013. There will be an opening reception on
Sunday, August 25, 2013, from 2 to 4 pm.  The United Art and Education
Awards, totaling $1,100, will be presented at 3 pm.

Alter Ego ( http://kiernangallery.com/alter-ego/ )
Self-portraiture is often used to explore and manipulate identity.
There is a performative aspect to this genre. By turning the camera on
oneself the photographer is brought out from behind their lens, and able
to choose how they would like to the world to see them.
The photographer invites judgment and critique on not only their
artistic message, but also their appearance and demeanor. For this
exhibition, The Kiernan Gallery seeks self-portraits that provide
insight into the “second self” that appears when artist becomes
( http://kiernangallery.com/alter-ego/ )ELIGIBILITY:
Open to all artists
MEDIA: All photographic media are encouraged.
DEADLINE: June 20, 2013
Approx. 8 days later
ENTRY FEE:5 for $25, each add’l $5
JUROR:  Stephen Sheffield ( http://stephensheffield.com/ ), a native of
the Boston area, is an alumnus of Cornell University, where he obtained
a BFA in painting and photography.  He received his MFA in photography
from the California College of the Arts, in Oakland/San Francisco,
studying under Larry Sultan and Jean Finley.
His photographs, often self-portraits depict both everyday and unusual
events, all framed by his unique, and occasionally dark, sense of humor.
His masterful storytelling, use of traditional silver, alternative
processes, mural printing, and large-scale photo assemblage bring to his
work a unique and cinematic mood.
Stephen has exhibited nationally for over 20 years, and has a number of large and small-scale
commissions in, Boston, Cambridge and Brooklyn NY.  He has worked out of
his studio in Boston’s Fort Point for over 18 years.  Stephen is
represented locally by the Panopticon gallery, and runs the advanced
black and white silver photography major at the New England School of
Photography in Boston.
AWARDS: All images will be reproduced in an exhibition catalogue
available for purchase. A Juror’s Choice and Director’s Choice will
also be announced and both winners will receive a free copy of the
SALES: Kiernan Gallery no longer takes commission on sold works. But,
they DO still have incentive to sell your work. The Kiernan Gallery was
founded by an emerging artist, and recognizes the importance of selling
work; they believe that if artists are paying a submission fee, the
gallery should not also take a portion of the sale. They do reserve the
right to negotiate 20% in order to make a sale.

CALL for ENTRIES: Memory
Gathering Clouds is seeking submissions that explore memory – what is
remembered, what threatens to be forgotten?  How do memories play a role
in your artwork?
Open to all artists
MEDIA: Any media that can be appropriately represented by you in a
1200×1200 pixel image: painting, photography, printmaking,
illustration, drawing, etc.
DEADLINE: July 7, 2013
ENTRY FEE: $20 for up to 7 images
AWARDS: Up to 8″ x 8” images published online and in the print

A Response to Hambone’s Solutions to Problems by Michael May

Preventing WWII by Michael May

“Preventing WWII” by Michael May

Michael May put a lot of effort into creating his muse. The exhibition on view in the Ohio Art League Gallery until May 25th, Hambone’s Solution to Problems, takes its inspiration from a man named Samuel Hambone, a completely made-up person with a schizoid personality disorder. If you come to the gallery, you can even read the DSM-IV Evaluation Forms and Progress Notes from his psychiatrist (probably written with help from May’s brother, a real psychiatrist).

If he inspired these paintings, it is clear that Samuel Hambone sees the world differently from what is expected. Each painting of May’s features an invention that solves a problem in the world—like finding out if people are witches, the extinction of bananas, the Goldenbach Conjecture, and preventing WWII. People who don’t perceive the world like Samuel Hambone can see that absolutely none of them are going to work. May’s use of Samuel Hambone forces the viewer to consider different ways of viewing the world.


Samuel Hambone and Michael May Interview

Samuel Hambone and Michael May Interview

If you would like to learn more about Samuel Hambone, you can watch an interview with Hambone and May and flip through the booklet “Meet Samuel Hambone” and the art book Noble Intentions of a Misunderstood Man in the gallery. Products of two of Hambone’s inventions are actually viewable as sculptural works in the gallery corresponding to the paintings “Alchemy” and “Banana Preservation,” although “Banana Preservation” is starting to look a little rough.

"Banana Preservation" at the beginning of the exhibition

“Banana Preservation” at the beginning of the exhibition (photo by Esther Hall)

"Banana Preservation" right now

“Banana Preservation” right now

Painting is an interesting choice for this subject matter. Viewers are supposed to think (at least pretend) that these experiments actually happened, yet paintings don’t provide us with any real proof that they did, except for the fact that they are painted in an extremely realistic style. On some level, I want to believe that there is a Samuel Hambone out working on absurd experiments, but the medium of the artworks, at least for me, grounds this exhibition in the imagination. The things that provide glimmers of potential reality are the use of two real, 3D objects from the experiments, as well as the interview and medical records.

Object corresponding to the painting "Alchemy" (according to Hambone, that stuff is gold)

Object corresponding to the painting “Alchemy” (according to Hambone, that goop is gold)



"Banana Preservation" painting

“Banana Preservation” painting

May’s painting Banana Preservation addresses the very upsetting fact that it is predicted that bananas are eventually going to go extinct. The invention “Hambone” came up with to solve this involves preserving them in denatured alcohol, which renders the bananas inedible anyway. I learned this by flipping through Noble Intentions of a Misunderstood Man, but it’s one of the inventions that is easier to figure out from the painting—there’s an article about how bananas might go extinct taped on the back wall, there’s a bottle of denatured alcohol, and a jar in which to put the bananas. This painting, like the rest of the paintings in the gallery, has a greyish-whitish background, giving the all of the works some uniformity (maybe Hambone has a specific workspace?). I’m also fascinated by the use of shadows in the paintings—it gives the depictions of these nonsense inventions a sense of importance. These experiments might not be important in the world at large, but they hold importance for one made-up man and the artist who uses him as his muse.

"Banana Preservation" Detail

“Banana Preservation” Detail

"Banana Preservation" Detail

“Banana Preservation” Detail


“Solving the Goldenbach Conjecture”

"Building a Better Moustrap: A Black Hole"

“Building a Better Moustrap: A Black Hole”

"Safely Discerning Witchhood"

“Safely Discerning Witchhood”

Written by Raybecca Elder

Member Opportunity: McGraw-Hill Education Exhibitions

Check out this opportunity for exhibition in the McGraw-Hill Education Building:

Art Display Area at McGraw-Hill Education: Deadline is Wednesday 5.29.13


• To propose a show: submit a brief bio, website, digital portfolio (10-20 images in pdf less than

2MB or preferably a link to online portfolio) of works that you intend to show to: Jessi Walker

(contact below) with “MHE Art Display Proposal” in the subject line

• Please note your availability for the upcoming year through 2014.

• Two-Dimensional work accepted. On average, about 15-20 pieces depending on size of pieces

• Group or Solo proposals accepted. Group shows should have a theme or some cohesive thread

that ties the works together. Please include a description of the theme with proposal.


• The display runs for 2 months

• The art work will be displayed in an area that gets good exposure, however is restricted to the

employees of MHE and escorted visitors (approximately 800 people in a 2 month period)

• There will be no opening/closing reception.

• Artist talks are a possibility, but would need to be coordinated with the activities committee

Installation Info

• A professional, insured art-handler will install the work

• The work needs to be ready to hang, d-rings preferred

• Artists create their own labels (neatly mounted on Foam Core in Sans Serif font)

• Artist needs to Provide a Bio and brief artist statement, Include website (and contact info is

optional, we even like a little photo of the artist if possible) printed on 8.5×11” and mounted on

foam core.

• Art must be delivered to: 8787 Orion Place, Columbus, OH 43240 (Polaris) and picked up at this

location by the artist or artist representative in a timely manner. Drop-off and pick up will be

coordinated with Stephen Montague (contact below)

Fees / Money

• There are no fees involved with the display of the art work for either party

• Prices may be displayed, but must include contact info for any purchases; McGraw-Hill does not

handle monetary exchanges

Jessi Walker, MHE Art Display Coordinator


614-430-4319 office

740-972-9939 c

Stephen Montague, Professional Art Handler


614-268-7257 h

614-563-7406 c

OAL Member Opportunity


The Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 is now open for entry, offering both budding and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider, international audience. Now in its sixth year the competition is a celebration of visual art, inviting all artists to submit imaginative and innovative work that pushes the boundaries of their chosen medium. Committed to nurturing new and existing talent, the Aesthetica Art Prize is a fantastic opportunity to develop your presence in the international art world. Prizes include up to £1000 in cash, a group exhibition and editorial coverage in Aesthetica Magazine, which has a readership of 140,000 worldwide.


Categories for entry are: Photographic & Digital Art, Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture, Painting & Drawing and Installation & Performance. Deadline for entries is 31 August.

Visit :www.aestheticamagazine.com/artprize  for more information!


In October, the Columbus Cultural Arts Center (our own armory building) will host a large exhibition of contemporary works by Ohio artists. “YOU CALL THAT ART?” will pay homage to the seminal 1913 show but, more significantly, provide an in-depth look at the state of in 21st Century Ohio. The call for art for this exhibition is in two parts: 1) A number of nationally-renowned Ohio artists have been asked to present works reflecting the significance of the 1913 show. These works will be the anchor(s) for the larger number of works anticipated from this open-call to central Ohio artists. 2) Artists submitting works for consideration by the jurors are asked to consider the importance of the 1913 Armory Show as they create works of contemporary significance, meaning, and materials. A brief (<100 words) statement about how a piece might have been inspired by some aspect of the 1913 show can be included as part of an artist’s submittal. A detailed web-based history of the 1913 Armory Show is maintained by the University of Virginia at:


The Principal juror for the exhibition is Michael Goodson, Director of Exhibitions, Columbus College of Art and Design.


• Open to Central Ohio residents.
• Entrants must be at least 18 years of age.
• Works submitted for consideration may be either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional.
• Artists may enter only their original, untutored work – NO REPRODUCTIONS OF ORIGINAL
• Artwork must have been completed in the last four years and must be visibly dated (suggested on the back).
• Artists may enter two (2) pieces.
• All artwork selected for the exhibit must remain as part of the exhibit for the duration of the

• Hanging work must be wired and ready to display (saw-tooth hangers and clip frames will not be accepted.)
• Hanging work may not exceed 6’x 6′ or 100 lbs.
• Artists considering installation pieces need to be aware of the limited space available in the Cultural Arts Center’s main gallery (a visit to the gallery is recommended).
• Artists proposing video or computer-based artworks may be required to provide the necessary equipment for display.
• The artist or persons working for the artist must set up the installation, in a location selected by the curators.)
• Glass or plexi-glass must be used over water media, drawings, prints, photographs and 2-D mixed media artworks.
• The curators will have the final decision regarding proper artwork condition and location of
each piece and appropriateness for a family-friendly space.
• Perishable items, or artworks with hazardous components, will not be accepted.
• Extra precautions should be taken with delicate and large pieces.

• All entries will be judged from digital images submitted by e-mail.
• Image size requirements: 1600 pixels on the longest side at 72 DPI, JPEG format only – save at the highest resolution.
• One detail image of each piece is allowed if necessary to show an important feature
• Each image should be labeled with the artist’s last name and the number of the entry (e.g.,
JSMITH01.jpg, or JSMITH01-detail.jpg)
• You can upload images at [ http://form.jotform.us/form/31264709392154 ] Required
information includes:
– artist’s name, address, and contact information (phone, e-mail)
– the title of the artwork (matched to the image number)
– the medium (or media) used
– dimensions
– the price of the artwork, or NFS
• The curators reserve the right to refuse entry materials not prepared to these specifications.
• Upon delivery, if an accepted artwork is found to have been misrepresented it may be
• Submission of an entry through emailing an image of the art shall constitute agreement on the part of the artist or artist’s representative that said images may be used without restriction by the show coordinators for the purpose of promoting the show (e.g., press releases, posters, internet promotion, grant requests and reports).

• Insurance – Artwork is exhibited at the risk of the artist. Artists are encouraged to arrange
locally for insurance on valuable artworks. While care will be exercised in the handling of all
works submitted, neither the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, its staff, nor the show’s curators assume liability for loss or damage to artwork.
• Sales – The Cultural Arts Center will charge a 20% commission on art sales, and work should be priced accordingly. Work not for sale should be marked NFS with the dollar value indicated on the ID form.
• The jury process is a closed and confidential process.

• September 4th – Deadline for submissions
• September 4 – 18 – Jurying process
• September 20th – Acceptance notices sent
• October 1st – Artwork drop-off
• October 5th – Opening reception
• Late October – Artwork pick-up (specific date TBD)

Entries and volunteers needed!

We are still looking for entries and volunteers for two of our upcoming events.

Columbus Arts Fest: Big Local Arts Tent
June 7-9 Downtown Riverfront

The Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Arts Festival are once again hosting the Big Local Arts Tent, providing an opportunity for Columbus’ independent artist organizations to showcase the art of their members.  Last year, the Big Local Arts tent was very well received by the community and served as a wonderful opportunity for local artists to gain recognition for, and sell, their work.

Visit our website to enter or sign up to volunteer: http://oal.org/biglocal


Ohio Made
July 13-14 in the Ohio Village

Ohio Made is a marketplace made up of Ohio artists and craft vendors, combined with a juried art exhibition awarding prizes for top entries. The event will also feature live music, food vendors and the Ohio History Center’s exhibit 1950s: Building the American Dream .

Enter to be a part of this arts festival at our website: http://oal.org/ohiomade