Jill Raymundo and musician Jacoti Sommes

Jill Raymundo
August 3 – August 31, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, August 3, 7:30-9 pm
RSVP to Jill  raymundojill@yahoo.ca
Long time friends and first time collaborators, the visual artist Jill Raymundo and musician Jacoti Sommes present the soundscape installation The Green Room.  Showing at a live/work warehouse space in the Old Town East neighborhood of Columbus, the installation is on view by rsvp only.
Entering the space, one has to walk through the first floor of the warehouse and up a flight of asymmetrical stairs.  There at the top is the garage door entrance to the loft.  An immediate sense of calmness and tranquility fill the nearly 3000 sq ft space as the environment is literally transformed into a green room.  Naturally lit by windows and skylight, the artists have created a lofty space of green light and a soundtrack of birds rhythmically chirping away from every corner.  Walking further into the installation is a hanging sculpture of green and iridescent papers arranged organically and glowing naturally underneath the skylight.
Time is essential of the whole project; and the artists’ limited hour and a half reception is an attempt to simply capture the natural light of the setting sun.  Rather than creating a re-contextualized space of images, the installation offers viewers’ to come up with their own open-ended theories of color theory and Proustian nostalgia.  The Green Room offers a cool new insight into the world of 2 of Columbus’ emerging young talents.  It provokes, makes us wonder, and ignites our capacity for imagination.

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