Thank You Ohio Art League, by Jeff Regensburger

Thank You Ohio Art League

Around this time last year I took a position at work that involved learning lots of new procedures and adjusting to lots of new responsibilities. A side-effect of this change was an impact on the grey area we often call “the work/life balance”. In short, mine was thrown completely out of whack. More specifically, work was winning. For me this isn’t an altogether bad thing. I love the work I do and remain grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team.  And while work was largely victorious in 2011, I’m happy to report that life is currently battling back. For the first time in quite some time I’ve picked up the brushes and started painting again.

In a way I’ve got my membership in the Ohio Art League to thank for this turn of events. My membership in the Art League exposed me to updates, events, and opportunities for involvement that served as a constant reminder of my creative side. It nudged me all year long, suggesting opportunities to exhibit, programs to attend, and workshops to be part of. This is important. Without exposure to art, ideas, and the larger notion of creativity it’s easy to get side-tracked by life’s day-to-day demands. In the Ohio Art League I had a system that reminded me of the value of art, even when I wasn’t actively making any of my own.

While the Ohio Art League provides a number of opportunities to show and sell work throughout the year, two of the highest profile events are the One Night fundraiser and the annual Thumb Box Exhibition. I’ve participated in both these events in the past and really didn’t want to miss this year. When the Call for Entries were announced I submitted the paperwork and broke out the brushes.

For “One Night” I completed two new watercolor paintings, both of which I was very happy with. For the December Thumb Box Exhibition, I’m working on small paintings of Christmas ornaments. This has been a holiday tradition of mine and one I’m happy to continue. Thumb Box entries are due on Monday 11/28, so the pressure is really on. They need to be finished, framed and ready to hang by the deadline. While all this feels somewhat harried, it’s also quite invigorating. It is, quite simply, good to be painting again.

As I reflect on the past year, I’m grateful for The Ohio Art League. My membership in the Art League kept me in touch with other artists and helped remind me of the opportunities that are out there. Thanks then to all the volunteers, artists, administrators, partners, board members, interns, presenters, patrons, and sponsors who make it all happen. I wouldn’t be painting right now if it weren’t for you.

Jeff Regensburger
November 24, 2011

Member News

Joey Monsoon

Salon de Salon group exhibition

Hot Heads Salon 122 Graceland Blvd, Columbus, OH

December 10, 2011. 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Salon de Salon is a small-works exhibition, so everything is under 24 inches. 20% of all sales and 100% of any donations will go to a charity to help those who have lost their hair due to sickness or treatment.