Rooms to Let II: Temporary Art Space

 Rooms to Let II: Temporary Art Space

Opening reception: October 1, 2011 5-8 pm

And exhibition on national and internationally recognized artists held within a
gutted house, located in the near west neighborhood of Franklinton, each work is
site specific and responds to the constructs of the unique environment within
the house.

Melissa Vogley Woods, Shauna Merriman, Elizabeth Gerdeman, Mary Jo Bole, Matt Flegle, Weinstock, Undine Brod,Candace Black-Housh, Ash Kyrie, Tim Smith, Sylvia, and Doebelt


Opening its second exhibition in a new house located on the near west side of Franklinton a neighborhood just west of downtown Columbus, will host solo projects collectively within this modest and vacant turn of the century home, in which each artist works within a room or designated space in or on the house.

The neighborhood of east Franklinton, teetering on the verge of redevelopment, is dotted with pockets of occupied houses,
standing as mementos of a former thriving community, these houses also root the shifting landscape as key points for the expanding and integrative community currently being build. This house will be rehabbed eventually, for now it stands gutted and waiting.

Artists from across the mid-west and beyond meet to respond to this house and its unique characteristics. This project run by Melissa Vogley Woods attempts to challenge the traditional constructs of an exhibition space, and crosses into a realm that
is both familiar in shape, and new in use. The artists use the situation of the house as a starting point for their artistic action embracing its existing structure as well as layering new form and influences upon its surfaces. Working in this way questions the house as a place, as a memory, as a burden, or a place for change and renewal. The location and unique situation of the house allow for an immersive experience for visitors from the neighborhood and from the arts community.

Location details:

468 W Town St Columbus, Ohio 43215

map: 468 W Town St, Columbus, OH 43215 Directions, Location and Map | MapQuest

When: Saturday October 1st  2011 from 5-8pm, and open by appointment the following week.


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