If Only One Night Could Be Every Night….

Story and photos by Elissa Marcus

Typically I judge the quality of a party by the degree of fear and loathing I feel the next day.  To that end, I felt endlessly rueful on Sunday—oh, why did it have to end?

It all began with Patron Preview Night on Friday, May 14.  We arrived early to take advantage… Bodega, Greener Grocer’s, Level, Aladdin’s and other local eateries provided a huge spread of food, ranging from hummus and fruit and cheese to beet puree in spoons and calamari salad.  The bartender’s slung whatever it was you were thirsting for, gratis.  On this night, I took their suggestion and stuck to the Dark and Stormy’; an unusual, not-too-sweet combination of ginger beer and spiced rum.  Later in the night, I had some of Dionysus Wine’s fabulous Barolo, accompanied by some MinuteMan’s pizza and killer baklava in the upstairs winebar.

The gathering was intimate but jovial, reveling to the New Orleans-style jamming of an

accordionist and trumpetplayer.  People were dressed to impress, from dapper to classy to elegant to dandy; my favorite accessory may have been the fedora festooned with a flower and feather just so.  The photobooth was a huge attraction, crowded with people who (rightly) assumed they wouldn’t get the chance the next night! And of course, there were first dibs on all of the diverse and spectacular art that spanned the walls.

All in all, it was, for those attending One Night as well, an excellent intro to the next party; a way to case the joint and maximize fun-having (and opportunity for art-having) on Saturday.

As you can imagine, Saturday was a horse of another color (or two, or three).  Great big bouquets of balloons heralded our arrival and OAL members spilled out onto the patio in all of their absurd finest.  My favorite may have been the party-goer dressed in a yellow anorak and a bird mask who wielded an oar upon which he made conversation with a red Sharpie.  Well played, sir.

Dirty Frank’s provided a selection of their best dogs (I went for the Sauerkraut and Seoul Dogs), BW3’s sent wing delegates of almost every flavor, and MinuteMan pizza brought it on, all night long.   The cash bar was an amazing deal, ensuring nobody went home sober (well, except for designated drivers of course!)  Impressed with my Dark and Stormy drink from the night before, I continued the streak.

On the second floor, a DJ spun amazing, danceable tunes and throughout the night, there was belly dancing, a port “picnic”, and some incredibly sexy and expressive burlesque from Anna and the Annadroids.  Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams was on hand to cool the crowd down; I decided “what the foo” and tried their strawberry, which is deliciously complex.

The third floor boasted karaoke enhanced with great costumes and props, and a swirling background on which to impress the crowd with one’s rendition of  “Livin’ on a Prayer”!  A huge thank you to Costume Specialists for donating all of the wonderful costumes!

All in all, it was an amazing evening chock-full of creativity’s every facet—from entertainment, to food, to drink, to the art, even to the attendees’ amazing costumes; I can honestly say I passed no one who didn’t positively vibrate with conviviality.  What better way to spend a gorgeous Saturday night?

And that brings me to my foul mood—now that I know what an amazing party this is, why haven’t I gone before?  What can I do to get every single one of my friends in on this next time?  And why do I have to wait a whole other year to go again?  Oh well, I could use the extra time to plan next year’s ensemble…

If you were at the party, it was a pleasure meeting all of you, and a great big thank you for celebrating such a special night with us.  I’d also like to extend a great big thank you to the folks who spent many tireless hours putting this amazing thing together and all of our wonderful sponsors who helped make the whole thing possible.  Cheers!

More photos coming soon!

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