Art You Glad You’re Coming to One Night?

By Elissa Marcus

One Night is only a few days away!  I dropped by the event space, at 122 E. Main Street on Monday night, to a) gauge which of the four floors I wanted to party on most and b) get a sneak peek of the art that will be auctioned!

From black-and-white photography of nudes, still-lifes and landscapes – oh my! — to collages, assemblages, paintings and more, there really is something for every taste and price point.

I noted a wintry landscape done in metallic pastels, contrasted by a stormy, coffee-toned mountainscape that reminded me of the setting that opens D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

Abstract, organic paintings in themes of red and teal caught my eye with their frond-like swirls.  White, laser-cut paper on a clear, acrylic background echoed this swirling sentiment in a gorgeously mod presentation.

A large-scale painting that reads like a Girard-esque collage of letters in muted tones of plum, gray and tan is actually a story upon further inspection.

Ohio Art League’s own Adam Brouilette has at least one piece in the auction; the post-card sized “Tell Me” featuring a minimally-toothed feller at a minimal starting bid of $25—I told you!

The piece that I personally have my eye on is Lisa McLymont’s “Wonder”.   I take it to be a tribute to the upcoming Wonderland on 4th Street, where the Wonderbread factory formerly produced the best bread since sliced bread.  My tastes lean strongly towards the multimedia, so I hope this pastiche of paint, wood, wire and rhinestones will find a new home on a wall of mine.  The starting bid is $100, and the guarantee bid is $300, so if I can convince you to bid on something entirely else, I see a painting in my future.

If not (and I wouldn’t blame you) it’s all for the greater good, because at least 50% of every art sale directly benefits The Ohio Art League.  And that’s great for everybody!  So whether you’ve got to have a cheeky painting of a space ship, of Barbie grading chickens at the State Fair or something of an altogether abstract persuasion, you’ll find it at One Night.

Unless it gets sold at the Patron Preview… !  Tickets are still on sale if there is a piece you must, must have—or if you shudder to think what you may miss if you aren’t first in line.  For more information on ticket sales for both One Night and Patron Preview Night this Friday and Saturday, contact Eliza Jones at 614-299-8225 or visit

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