One Night Update!

By Elissa Marcus

I’m taking a moment from deciding the best way to dress up like a unicorn for One Night to let you know how our biggest party of the year is evolving.  It’s got legs, people!

The Athletic Club and Bodega are now on board to shower revelers with their culinary delights.  Also, my favorite radio station, CD101 has just become one of our biggest sponsors and will be giving away free tickets during the week of May 3 to May 7!  Of course, you can also get free tickets if you are an OAL member and would like to submit at least 2 pieces for the silent auction.  For this beast has two heads:  Fund-raising silent auction and funkadelic fete.

If you’re not an artist (maybe you play one on TV?) you can still get your free ticket by signing up to be a volunteer.  Many hands make light work, and this party is huge and heavy!  We need folks in a variety of crucial roles including receiving, installation, de-installation, on-site engagement during both events and much more.  Individuals who volunteer 3 hours of their time will receive one ticket ($40) to One Night: Absolutely Absurd on Saturday, May 15.

You can sign up to volunteer online at or call Eliza Jones at 614-299-8225 for more information about volunteering!

And, if you have 2-D or 3-D work to contribute to the silent auction (don’t forget—you get to split the proceeds 50/50 with OAL!) go ahead and sign up online or download the Entry Form and Guidelines at  To receive them by mail call 614-299-8225 or email

Two great ways to get into the year’s party for free!  Are you an artist?  Or a volunteer? Either way, see you there!

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