:art INFOrmal: April 21, 2010

By Elissa Marcus.

As you may or may not know, The Ohio Art League hosts the Art INFOrmal every month.  A group of artists, art-appreciators, and those who might want to make the transition from watching to doing gather in a relaxed show-and-tell.  Artists then get the opportunity to discuss what they are working on, and accept feedback and critique from the other group members.

If you’re new to Art INFOrmal, like I was, then you’ll be glad to know that for the uninitiated and artless, it’s a great way to unwind after work and get inspired.  If you’re an artist—whether just spreading your wings or with a few big sales under your belt, the positive, helpful dialogue, support and encouragement are definitely worth bringing your pieces in and subjecting them to the public eye.  The extra added bonus is being given the opportunity to speak freely and openly about your work—what makes you tick, why you started doing what you do, and what you hope to accomplish.  Being able to express these things in front of the group can do a lot for the artist who is just starting out or hoping to strengthen their artistic mission and voice.

This month’s Art INFOrmal was a collaboration with Fresh Air, and the turnout was large enough to fill ¾ of the OAL space at the Gateway.  Artists ranged from a woman who paints cats, hearts, paisleys and guitars with wings with all the gusto of a folksy Lisa Frank, to a gentleman who created tables decoupaged with sports, black history and Marvel Comics themes.  He presented his pieces using a digital picture frame (so those of you who create large works, yes, there is a way to display them to the Art INFOrmal audience!).

While Art INFOrmal has come and gone for April, no need to fear!  The next event will be held on Tuesday, May 20th, from 6-8pm at the Ohio Art League Gallery.  Bring your pieces in—whether “in the flesh”, in albums that audience members can pass around, or on a slideshow on your laptop—or don’t!  If you love making, appreciating or talking about art in a laid back context, you’ll want to be sure to stop by for the next Art INFOrmal.

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